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(original article in Romanian: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: WASHINGTON ÎN PERICOL ??? )
Washington in danger?
February 4th 2018, time: 7:13 AM!

My Darlings, this morning, a voice wakes me saying the followings as imperative:

We go in one direction alone: WASHINGTON!

And another voice asks fearfully:

Washington, is there anything left to recover? Do you thing theres anything else to recover?!

After that the conversation ended!

---Random picture insert--- Whitehouse in Washington DC --- (visit original link to see picture)

My darlings, unfortunately something tragic will happen in and with Washington.

---Random picture insert--- Pentagon in Washington DC --- (visit original link to see picture)

What will it be? I dont even dare to think about! And yet I would dare to ask: Terrorist attacks or North Korea?

--- Random picture inserts --- 2 city panoramic pictures --- (visit original link to see picture)

Lets pray to the Good God and The Holy Mother of God for all our brothers living on this earth, for peace and harmony between countries and nations.

Lets not forget darlings, that we have as a weapon, the holy cross of Christ and the 3 Godly Virtues: Faith, Hope and Love.

Lets love them with our hearts and souls and enjoy the gift Of Gods Grace, that each of us received.

With Love Maria.
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