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Mixed, Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson produced Passion of the Christ on a budget of $30 million. Mainstream studios wouldn't touch the project with a 10 ft. gaff pole. Mel went out on a limb and financed it by himself. It grossed $ 600 million. Here is a vid of the behind-the-scenes production of the actual crossification.
Very strangely, the actor, Jim Caviezel, was hit by lightning while up hanging on the cross.
Mel is making a sequel that is supposed to be earth shaking. With the current magic of FX, he could do almost anything.

Leonard Cohen wrote Hallelujua as a song about tormented love. A church group wrote another set of lyrics that was matched to Christmas.
An Easter version,
Sailor Jerri wrote a version to thank the military,
Brittany Billiot wrote lyrics to thank the police,
There is even an ASL version,

Angelia Grace vocals,
Patricia Janeckova vocals,
Merrilee Rush,
Juice Newton,
Peter, paul and Mary,
LeAnn Rimes,

Johnny Cash did a lot of drugs and fought a lot of battles,
Solitary Man,
A random? claim that the train accident that almost killed a bunch of republican lawmakers was NOT and accident,
Mud racing,
Get over it,
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