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New leaders in Europe and the replacement of the old guard

The Kalergi Plan calls for the complete destruction of European integrity by flooding Europe with barbaric refugees. Angela Merkel recently won the Kalergi Prize. Did she think that nobody would notice? The Eurocrats have worked hard to minimise the effect of the ballot box but, they aren't there yet. Germany can't even form a new government because the ruling class is so toxic.

Their neighbor, Austria just elected a new, young leader who promises to bring real change and get rid of the kind of BS plaguing Germany.

Poland is working at pulling the country out of the influence of the EU.
These new young leaders represent a break from the BS of the old guard that is aligned with the Rothschild new world order.
France, unfortunately is saddled with a new, young leader who is a holdover from the old-money interests.
Macron meets Austria's new leader Sebastian Kurz - Europe - RFI
It is very doubtful that Macron legitimately won the election.
BTW, Poland refuses trashy refugees (rapefugees) and is the safest place in Europe for women.
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