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Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter:
If anyone is having difficulty in understanding either Eric or Tesla himself, this article may help as it describes all in a lay manner:

Page 8 is particularly helpful.
Describing the difference between Magnetism and Dielectricty and in such that between TEM and LMD.

Have built two 12au7a amplifiers for the 120 degree phase shift required for the rotating field for the Tetrahedral Energy Generator (TEG) and hope to get fully back into the Lab shortly.
The amplifiers are a Pulse Amp plus delay multivibrator and gives a variable delay from 3 to 300 microseconds and ideal for the 120 degree phase shift required.
This is what 'Bruce TPU' was seeking but probably never realised.
Has taken me 3 years to get to this point and was going to use the AD-YU Radar variable delays but feel this the better option.
All the Best.

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