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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
Hi Gambier,

What do you think of William Tompkins accounts of the S.S.P. story and related information?

He died recently, back in Aug 2017, being 94 years of age, shortly after the his address at the (July) 2017 MUFON Conference.

Have you found any nuggets of information within his interviews regarding this thread topic?
I recognize the name and Richard Dolan and Jeff Rense interviewed him. A big list at the link on Tompkins.
William Tompkins & US Navy Secret Space Program ยป Exopolitics

Secret space programs were built in to the national defense. The SR-71, the F-117 and endless studies and paper projects we know of show this. The real issue is an alternative civilization built with stolen resources and money being extorted on a global scale for an elite over-lord society. The system has abandoned using pretexts like paper projects for it's money laundering schemes to steal resources, and now it's missing trillions from the nations treasury and has no accountability to anyone, nor does it care.

The United States is being operated as a for profit enterprise by corporate bodies and their crony associates. They choose with their combined tax free donations who will be the next up-coming politico, they choose both sides so that they can't lose. The people are being strip mined with unlawful taxation's and no legal remedy exists. Prima facie evidence of this fact is all around us. The criminality of this theft operation has now reached the absurd. As an example the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is now requiring toy aeroplanes to pay a registration fee, along with abiding by a mountain of rules and regulations that no one voted on. So this is completely out of control.

Now of course it doesn't take a genius to see who's behind these rules and regulations on one level, but as with the Big Basin Drone images there's more going on than meets the eye, which I promise to get to in a moment, but what it shows is that every part of the government is being turned in to a for profit entity. It is Taxation Without Representation which is tyranny and all corporations are tyrannical dictatorships. The unrestricted warfare on our government by corporations has now officially over-thrown the rule of law. There are no more remediation by legal means if the corporate dictators decide the law is in the way of their plans for becoming absolute rulers.

This administrative ruling concocted by the FAA was challenged and successfully defeated. However the National Defense Authorization Act signed by the President reversed that legal decision. This is corporate america's giant "F you" middle finger given to the people and to the principles of law and the supreme laws of the people contained in our Bills of Rights. What could better serve to illustrate this absolute rulership than to put criminal penalties on a child's toy? To tax that toy, and to threaten all who fail to abide by dictatorial edicts.
Academy of Model Aeronautics - Government Relations

Thus by corporate decisions, instead of by rule of law, we are all now being taxed and regulated for profit and becoming micromanaged with a privately controlled hiring system that has also militarized our police forces as well as placing those illegally under a national control system of authority. Given that kind of context we need to ask how is it that toy airplanes and toy drones warrant the inclusion into the nations defense such that they require this kind of regulation? What kind of paranoia can warrant the regulation of a balsa and tissue model plane in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018?

Now I know the propaganda carried a rash of stories about drones doing this and that, but how do we know any of those were real? The National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 legalized lying in the media, and Obama created a ministry of truth in 2016. However, maybe we should be grateful because if they hadn't gotten their way by lying and fake news stories then they would have flown a model plane or a drone into the cockpit window of some airliner and murdered a few hundred people so that would have a pretext for getting their way. It's what they did on 9-11 and it's what they do all the time. If the liars on the news can't convince all of us, then by God a few hundred dead in another mass shooting will, or something like that. This is absolute proof that something is controlling and this something has a plan for itself. This is now getting back to the question of a Secret Space Program and so we have to see how this taxation and regulation of toys relates as a potential threat to such a program.

To begin with there can really only be one possible conclusion: There's things in the sky we can't see, and these things are out there watching right now, or there soon will be things in the sky we can't see watching us and ruling over us. We do not now have drone delivery and we are never going to have Amazon delivering crap via a drone. I mean the idea isn't even logical so the whole story of drones delivering manna from the sky will be half true, only it's not likely to be the manna from heaven we would like to eat. So that story is more fake news; it's a cover story. The plan is for something else to be out there, out the front door, or something that's planned to soon be out side the front door. So of course there's been a secret space program. I don't think that's even debatable. What's is debatable is whether or not it's possible to regain control over the people controlling that program and these are of course the global elites.

It's clear that the technology in the hands of multinational billionaires are light years beyond what we here have touched upon in this forum, and these elites don't want us to even talk about half the things we do on this forum, or maybe any of things talked about on this form. Wealth and absolute power is a disease our founding fathers and the pioneering people before them knew about first hand. People better stop worshiping that if they want their kids to live in freedom. What kind of accepted notion is it that we are all even talking in terms of "elite's" like those elite people (if they are people) are better than the rest of us, or that their needs are greater than those of entire nations? That is just off worldly right there all by itself.

So now we have a situation where we have reasonable cause to think that invisible machines might just actually be outside the front door. Certainly the Big Basin Drone images are our clue that this technology is probably real and that if it is real, then it's logical to figure that these are what fit in to the present authoritarian agenda of taxation and regulation of toys airplanes and so-called drones, but there's more in the past to tell us the scent of this trail is the right path. Recall the rash of new propaganda about people supposedly blinding pilots with lasers? Well ya know they can't just say it's illegal to point a laser in to the sky so they have to invent a pretext. These things tell me there's a lot more going on than just what is being gulped down by some.

What we are talking about is the Secret Civilization which Clif High and others have brought forward in to consciousness. It's not just a secret space program, it's an off planet civilization which is in the making, and this other civilization intends to feed off the rest of us here as their slaves. Willingly or not, and they intend to do that with force of superior arms and technology.

That's the message I'm getting out of the path we are on. This technology isn't being kept hidden from us all for no reason. It isn't being kept secret because it would collapse the world financially, because it wouldn't, it would however destroy the plans of a collective of people who want the power to control the lives of everyone else, and who want to be able to do whatever they want, and to whoever they want.

I think if you look at Tompkins and many others they are telling us what they believe. I don't think that they are out there doing these things because they are like nut cases or working as disinformation agents. I think they are doing their level best to bring what they know and what they have concluded to the public eye because they have a gut instinct about what is actually going on.

PS: Thanks for asking Sputin's, I doubt I've answered anything you asked about but this is really the most I can say.
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