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In my pursuit of the Figuera OU Effect I have found some parts in the patens texts more important/ interesting than others, according to me. (Right now ) . . . See A, B, C below.
Much of the talk about resistance, commutators and such are lots lots of patent 'smoke'. And is more or less; education in how to make current variation. And even the wiring circuitsery / sketches. They are just sketches. In the patents you can read: " what is sought is the patent for the application of this principle " !

(1908) " circulates a proper current, which is taken from one foreign
origin into one or more electromagnets, magnetize one or more

" and while the current is higher or lower the magnetization of
the electromagnets ((one or more)) is decreasing or increasing and varying"

(1914) " but in no case is there any communication between the induced coil
and the inductor coil "

(1914) " and we will collect from these induced ((y)) the resulting
phenomena experienced from those inductors. ((N, S)) "

A) One or more electromagnets
Here is a situation of Rotating/ Vandering Magnetic Fields possible. Or just varying the amount of something.

See even the patent dicussion some post above. The Rotating Magn. Fields OU genny.

1) Just connect a current/ voltage variation to all electromagnets simultaneously/ alternately, (parallel, series or groups).
2) Or connecting to One electromagnet after a another, consecutively. Back and forth, back and forth.
3) Connecting/ adding to more and more electromagnets in parallel or series. And disconnect/ subtract coils one by one backwards again.

At 2) and 3) a rapid current variation can be working at the same time as "the consecutively" or "the more and more" electromagnets is to be conneted step by step in a slower rate. And here the discussion of " make before breake " maybe comes in. It can maybe be important that the next coil is connected previous the disconnection of the first in a situation of Vandering Magnetic Fields?

B) No communication y ==> (N, S)
I have conducted a test closely related to the "2SGen" 2SGen, an amazing tiny Solid State Generator by JL Naudin

In my test I could not achieve NOT y ==> (N, S) (One direction Only) but instead NOT y <==> (N, S) (bi-directional non-connection)

As J. Naudin I used a fully wound toroid as input coil (N, S) and a large width wounded coil(loop) as output coil (y) around the toroid as a equatorial belt around the toroid-"belly" .
With a Sinus signal connected to the input toroid coil. No signal at all could be measured from the surrounding output coil!
But when some neodymium magnets where placed on the side of the toroid core a strong signal comes from the loopcoil (output). The same in opposit direction if (y) was used as input!
With the input coil in parallel resonance I achieved a 75% transfer Input to Output with this a simple experiment.

C) Phenomena from inductor coils (N, S)
Here the author just say that some phenomena (OU??) originates/ arises from from the primary side. And the secondary coils/reels (y) just collects the energy.
How and What is the questions?

Regards / Arne

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