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Exclamation Deleting Members

We just deleted about 64,000 registered members from Energetic Forum.

These are members who have not logged in for quite a few years and have never posted a single message. About 20% of them were bots, which were from the same ip, different variations of the same email and/or username - obvious ones.

We are going to delete more, but not active members even if they have never posted.

Energetic Forum is now down to only 94,000+ members.

For new registrations, we manually activate every single one that we let in. The ones we don't are obviously bots so we will clear all of these registrations on a regular basis after we give the real ones a chance to follow the activation instructions. If the real ones don't follow the instructions in 1-2 weeks, then they will be deleted.

So if you notice that there are a lot fewer registered members listed, that is why.
Aaron Murakami

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