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Military and NSA vs CIA and FBI,,, part two

We're not a democracy under the federal government's agency governing system, which is a product of post civil war martial law.

Federal government behavior toward subject states is the same as the treatment of the empire's subjects. The federal government is an extension of the northern war machine, it enslaved not just the southern states and western states, it has gone all over the world following the same exact pattern of the US civil war and with the same control grid used on the southern and western states.

NYC is the capitol of the US and we're directed by NYC, at the expense of our people to do their bidding. It has nothing to do with freedom and American values.
Trump, as unlikely a paladin as can be, was chosen to do this job (most likely by the white hats in the Pentagon as they are his only friends). As far as I'm concerned, Frodo had a much higher possibility of success to reach Mt Doom than The Donald has of defeating these Shadow Government clowns. Perhaps a better analogy is Aragorn with his army outside the gates of Mordor. He is outmanned, outgunned, and buying time for Frodo. Perhaps this 4 page memo is our Frodo.

The stakes are not nearly so high as Roberts imagines. The U.S. is not on the path to being a fascist police-state. It is a fascist police-state bent on global domination. What is playing out in front of the U.S. public is a conflict within the police state that pits the NSA and military intellgience against the CIA and the FBI. Admiral Michael Rogers, Lieutenant Army General Michael Flynn, Marine Corps General James ĻMad DogĻ Mattis, and Marine Corps General John Kelly. This is the Trump government. General David Petraeus was Trumpīs original selection for Secretary of State before he selected the former Exxon Mobile CEO. Do you see something here? This is not a civilian government. This is a military junta that now governs the U.S.

It is not that these are Trumpīs men. Rather, it is that Trump is their front-man. What happened was that Clinton and her coterie of corrupt gluttons sold U.S. uranium to the Russians. U.S. Military intelligence was well aware of this. Even Inspector Clouseau McCabe of the Federal Bureau of Idiots could not miss the evidence. To make matters worse, the DNC chair, Shultzermann Wasser, had hired Pakistani intelligence agents and placed all the information in the U.S. House of Representatives at their disposal.
I assure you that U.S. military intelligence and the NSA were aware of House Sergeant Schultz's sedition long before the public was. If all of this were not bad enough, the CIA was now contracting assassinations in the U.S. to their MS-13 business partners in El Salvodor, murdering entire Navy Seal Teams to conceal their lies about bin Laden's death, and expanding their Afghan drug trade to the point where all the rural young people were addicted to narcotics and the military was having difficulty recruiting anyone who was not in the midst of a gender-change.

The development of the NSA surveillance powers in the wake of the 9-11 false flag revealed to military intelligence the extent of the corruption in DC, in the FBI, and in the CIA. Keep in mind that the NSA does not answer to the CIA or the FBI. The NSA is military intelligence and is governed by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency: the one that never is mentioned). The military decided to take control of the country. They chose Trump as their front-man. Rogers and Flynn were the liaisons.

Inspector Clouseau McCabe, Pink Panther Page, Maxwell Smart Strzok, Robert Mulehead, and James Honey-comby are the willing dupes who tried to carry out the plan orchestrated by the CIA against this military take over of the opium-peddling, blackmailing, bribing, regime-changing deep-state that the CIA had run for decades without interference. None of this has anything to do with democracy, Democrats, Republicans, neo-cons, liberals, conservatives, the House of Representatives, or anything of that sort. It is merely a game of thrones between the CIA and the military to determine who controls the U.S. police-state imperium. It is fair to say that the military is "winning."

It is not I who misunderstand Trump junta supporters. It is the Trump junta supporters who misunderstand for what they voted. They voted, in effect, for a military takeover of their government.

Here is the original article.
Paul Craig Roberts Warns "The Russiagate Stakes Are Extreme"
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