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Guys here is what is happening. I go to Walgreen's and Walmart in my
area to buy supplements and read the label to late and had to throw
away $45 worth in the trash. You are made to think you are getting
something good and it makes you worse. Thankfully One Mom and Pop
full line organic store has the good stuff, you name it

They have the Sambucus throat lozengers they have the elderberry
concentrate they have real ginger brew. OMG it is so yummy. Any water
or baking soda water will lock your guts right up. I took 2 garlic pills
from Walmart and my guts locked up again vomiting for a full night just
to get that poison out of my system. It has so many filler it is disgusting.

For instance the spring valley brand is full of steric acid, magnesium dust
and silica and the actual ingredient of the garlic is what they call order less.
All chemicals and my guts will tell you that, I don't need to read the label.

The big companies hate the people and love their money.
Even Goldenseal vanished from the shelves and the pharmacy acts
like you are crazy if you don't buy all their drugs. And why not their
herbs are poison. This is not an accident.

You go in these places and ask if they have anything good and their
answer is, NOPE.

Thanks Danny I'll keep you all updated concerning my heroic 2 week
shut down. The good stuff is all coming and will be here in an hour or so.

I thought I had something good and it was making worse.

$50 - $60 is worth it for the pure. I've known the store personal and
owner for 15 years. I am so gland that they are there, pure


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