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Eating and Wearing Silk to Prevent Thrush / Candida & Improve Digestion & Elimination

I've been eating powdered silk in a base of edible oil for several days now. The benefit is overnight: improved digestion - especially of fats and carbohydrates, regularity, more sweating and more stinky sweat indicating more elimination of toxins through the skin, clearer thinking, more positive disposition - criticism from nay-Sayers on Wikipedia and various forums not open minded to electrical renaissance doesn't bother me any more. I enjoy their company just as I would enjoy the companionship of people of supportive viewpoints.

There is only one caution: don't inhale the stuff or else you'll get silicosis since the silk protein is crystalline.

And read the reviews of whomever has gone before you in purchasing from any one particular supplier since some reviews on Amazon said that brand stunk!

I got mine from...
Silk Powder Natural
by Best Nature's Cosmetics

And it didn't stink at all.

Watch my latest videos on silk...

And read all of the comments underneath my borax enema video...

And have a great day free of bloat or tummy distension! Voila!
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