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Hello Everyone

Today I would like to show each of you my parts list. These are the parts
that my son and I are using. These parts can only be easy to find if
you use the key words listed when searching on EBAY. I looked last
year and could not find anything I wanted.

This year I accidentally found what we need. If you have gone to the
trouble of taking one of your old scooter motors apart to modify it as
suggested, in the 3BGS (3 battery generating System) thread, stick with
me because you can use this small motor and not to big of battery
pack if you follow the proper sizing for the Generator Head.

We have been given much by David Bowling in terms of proportions.
Many of you have a modified scooter motor that you would like to use
as a self runner. To do that we can work in reverse.

Dave went to a larger motor that he can run at 200watts all day long.
For us we will be glad to get 50watts all day long. I can turn mine up
from 15v to 20v plus and run at 2.2amps all day long so you can see
as compared to Dave's big machine we are at 70% to 75% size reduction.

Since Dave has shown his 24" Genhead plans for the bigger stuff we can
approximate that we need an 11" box with a 6" rotor. Have fun and stay
tuned. Jordy and I will be back with our smaller self runners that use the
modified scooter motor that many of you already have.

This parts list does not rack up into the thousands of dollars which most
of us can not afford including Jordy and I. The goal is to complete the
build based on the original Modified Motor so a youth may be able to
achieve the self looped systems.


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