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Tesla Coin

For anyone interested in Cryptocoin and the potential of Tesla Coin, it's value increased 600% since mid December. That's from less than a penny per coin to around 5 cents or so.

That is the only realiable exchange that has the coin now.

Check out the ALL chart!

It's been higher than that in the past and all coins have their swings like everything else but the entire crypto world is growing fast - the collective market cap of crypto is around 750 Billion USD right now and it may hit a trillion by this Fall - that is how fast it is growing.

I think Tesla Coin could easily go to 25-30 cents by the end of 2018, which is another 500-600% gain. Long term, if picked up by a few more exchanges, the popularity of the name alone would bring its value up quite a bit higher than that.

This of course is not investment advice - it is just my opinion.
Aaron Murakami

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