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Mixed vids

More from Q anon. Keep in mind that Soros made a $ billion speculating against the British pound. The queen called him in and told him that; if he ever did anything like that again, MI 5 would hunt him down like a dog. Next, he starts color revolutions in Europe. Dancing on thin ice, he comes to America to start a big color revolution. He has now gone missing.
A boat with retractable tracks that drives to the water,

Wind-gens have gotten enormous,
Didn't see that coming has some good vids,
After 7 driving trips to Alaska, I've seen quite a few bears. It is still hard to appreciate just how long and big their claws are,
Jim Carey speaks up and, he sounds serious,

We go through life with a list of priorities. As we near death, the list dramatically changes. This is a good talk from a guy who has watched many people die.
Dads and their daughters,
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