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Off the shelf

Why do we need a expensive unit ?? ..John didn't go that way.. It's not looking that hard to replicate ...replace the frame with five eights inch plywood and three inch dry wall screws...the up right support pipes can be just that pipes .threaded rods to Locke it down ...copper pipe instead of stainless steel ...bearings off the shelf ..all this from Lowe's or home depot ...all this expensive crap for a no go unit .when off the shelf will do to get a unit up and running .. Up and running is the point isn't it ?? Or just spending money on expensive book ends. What's the point of buying CD's if no one can get it running ? More money is not the right direction . I don't need a limo I need a vw . 700 post and waiting on a bigger expensive delayed maybe no go unit ?? Really I feel like the donkey trying to get the carot in front of me when the point of it is somebody needs a ride ! All this free energy stuff is like that .all talk and no show .maybe to much show and tell and no go !
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