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Okay New Stats are in BRB

Second Test using Modified Motor Results here.

Still entering data

At 1;45am the second test started the voltage 12.77v 3 minutes
later the run load voltage stabilized at 12.55v picking up approx where we
left off in the controlled test. The ending run load volts were 12.50v

If you all recall the drive booster was set at 14.5v during the inverter
controlled watt burning test. When connected to the motor the booster
voltage reading started at 16.3v to 16.6v right off the bat and by the
end of the one hr 17.2v so booster voltage readings were floating or
fluctuating consistently.

The drive energy fell right on the same amp draw of 1600ma over the
entire 1 hour run. The differential reading made it's way from 13.74v to
13.65v always varying in the beginning and by the end the figures had
increased slightly to 13.81v moving around down to 13.76v and back

In both cases, differential voltage and drive booster voltage danced
wildly on the meter never giving a consistent reading possibly due to
the motors ability to introduce AC into the DC, I don't know, but the
meter knows something I don't.

The second booster that runs power back to the run packs ran at
the same amp draw as in the control test at 3.6amps.

As I have pointed out the battery was measured 1 hr later and rested
at 12.70v and appeared to still be in the process of recharging which
is not the case when the inverter is run and then a rest. I checked the
the batteries ability to recharge itself when the inverter test was
done the batteries were regaining to equilibrium. I checked the battery
every 15 minutes and it was done rising after 25 minutes.

So from 12.77v to 12.70v is a 7 point drop and the loaded run voltage
went from 12.55v down to 12.50v is a 5 point drop and so as we did
last time we used the lesser of the 2 figures or the run loaded voltage.

This is a .05v point drop rather than double the inverter amount.

So for exactly the same energy input, the mod mtr ran and sent back
some of it's energy back to the run pack as well as putting energy in the
charge pack plus offering an abundant amount of mechanical.


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