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Inverter VS Mod Mtr

More Data In (Still in Progress)

Test 1

Inverter using a 1.25 amp at 12.33v on the run and dropped to 12.15v
under load for a differential of 14. 35v. This means the power consumption

14.35v X 1.25amps = 18watts for 1 hour or 18watt/hrs or

18w X 3600 seconds = 64,800 Joules.

So using this as a standard in our test sequence the inverter using 18watts
took 64,800 joules in a 10 point drop on the voltage starting at 12.33v

So using these watt burning figures we can divide by 10 and say that
for each point (approx.) drop on the meters the joule count is 6,480 joules
burned up. Or

Point Count

1 = 6,480 J
2 = 6,480 J
3 = 6,480 J
4 = 6,480 J
5 = 6,480 J
6 = 6,480 J
7 = 6,480 J
8 = 6,480 J
9 = 6,480 J
10= 6,480 J

For a total Joule count per point.

Test 2

Modified Motor

8:25pm the test began with the voltage at 12.23v where we left off.
the loaded voltage was 12.05 at the start and the loaded voltage dropped
to 12.02v ending the 1 hour run. The motor pulled the 1.25 amps and
a slightly elevated differential voltage of 26.5v (run pack Volts) minus
the charge battery voltage now at (average) 12.03v or 14.47v.

After resting for 1 hr from 9:25pm to 10:25pm
the meter showing a resting voltage of 12.21v

So resting voltage dropped .02 points and loaded voltage dropped .03
points. Using our joule count above for a .03 point drop we get

6,480 J X 3 = 19,440 Joules used up not the 64,800 J the inverter took.

Test 3

Modified Motor

10:30pm startup resting voltage picked up where we left off at 12.21v
the watts were approx the same at 18 watts. the loaded voltage at the
beginning of the test was 12.02 and went down to 11.98v one hour later.

So this test ended at 11:30pm and after resting another measurement
was taken for the resting volts of 12.16v

So a 4 point drop or a .04 drop or 6,480J X 4 = 25,920 J not the 64,800J
the inverter took.

I have to go unhook.

PS gonna run one more inverter test BRB

Last Test underway with the inverter.

Modified Motor

At 12:30am the standing voltages was 12.16v and the loaded voltage
had gone down from 11.98v to 11.93v then I stopped at 1:30am

At 2:30am which is 1 hr later my resting voltage was 12.11v so anyway
you cut it this is a .05v drop for a joule count of 6,480 J X 5 = 32,400 J
not the 64,800 J the inverter took.

At 3:30am central I will unhook the inverter and show figures.

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