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Good windings

It is amazing to watch this little modified motor
(Energizer at high speeds) run between positives with the
2 boosters so swapping the batteries is not needed.

Using the same 1.3amp load on the inverter the results show
conclusively is every run that per hour the point count drop
is .05.

Using that smae exact amount of power or amp draw between the
same positive poles my little energizer (Two north poles) consistently
takes only .02 points off the battery voltage.

The drive booster lets me dial in the desired amp draw and or
speed for the motor. This will be very effective for tuning it to
a lenz free genhead.

I hooked 2 stepper motors to the shaft one at a time and in
each case the amp draw went way up while the stepper motors
offered almost no power in return. These tiny motor have huge
cogging losses before any current is produced.

This step to verify beyond any reasonable doubt that the
Matt Modified Motor is returning power back to the source is

I used 20awg magwire 50 turns, 40 turns, 40 turns. It runs cool.

As far as I can tell it uses 2.5 times less energy as my inverter
at the same draw. Or it has a cop of 2.5

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