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Thanks for reply

Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I don't mean time as in days
I mean a time field, maybe call it a spin field, or a movement field.
electricity and magnetism show up at 90 degrees to each other when something is moving, so the other 90 degrees from each of them is movement, take the average amount of movement in an area (usually atoms with internal spin), and that sets the magnitude of this field, I like time field, one person called it a tempic field, but am up for other names
this other 90 degrees to electric and magnetic fields can be spinning like in an electric generator, or straight out like with a radio wave at the speed of light
see what I am getting at now ?
But I don't get it. What do E and M have to do with gravity and / or time?

In a generator, E M = F.

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