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Originally Posted by ricards View Post

I replied here as this is a little bit off that topic... have you built that circuit?.. It is quite odd.. why put the inductor at the ground side.. please do not try to erase the component's when you are showing your' perceived current flow It is not always the case...

At the moment the circuit opens, the spark should be seen at switch 1..

The way I see it, is the next cycle was a short circuit of C1 SW1 and SW2.. is that Intentional?....
Ricards - sorry for the slow reply I have been away some time . Please do understand the laws of electro physics can't simply be overturned by a demonstration regardless of how convinced the activist and the observers may be. There are huge gaps in the electrical field theory which all serious researchers are aware of. Added to that there are serious power brokers who don't wish that technical detail altered anyway. Have I built this circuit ? the answer is a crude version of it simply to test the validity of the author to my own satisfaction.
There was a video of this circuit performing but predictably I suppose as soon as I posted in on the forum the account was closed. It seems Ricards that you are trying to fit this phenomena to standard dogma , current flow,ohms law ect , an apple isn't an orange and never will be!
Regarding current flow the original researcher offered these alternative possibilities (which I have edited very slightly) -

How does a voltage appear across C when there is no closed current loop? The author notes: “Here is an effect that happens with electrical potential when it encounters a resistance before the current saturates that resistance…We are taught in school to close all the circuit paths, but this stops the flow of free energy. ”
We could be dealing with a completely different type of current generated by a completely different type of magnetic field. I have two theories about what may be going on:
1. With the switch opened abruptly we create a singularity because the change in current must remain continuous across the inductor. Before the magnetic field collapses it expands and voltage increases through the winding. The voltage potential charges the capacitor without drawing current from the battery.
2. This is basically the ferro resonance effect and the ferrite core was saturated, the negative domains moved, the positive charges responded, a neg-entropic magnetic field was generated, the field was induced into the coil, and the coil charged the capacitor.
When our society harnessed the negative charge (electricity) it made our way of life possible. We would still be riding horses and plowing soil had this not happened but we are still missing the other half of electro magnetics. Imagine what may be possible if we can harness the positive?

If your pondering about the missing science It seems to me that Feynman explains it far better than I ever could so for your interest

The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. II Ch. 28: Electromagnetic Mass

kindest regards and the very best wishes for your experiments Duncan
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