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Hi Rolik,
Glad you found interest in my experiments,

My source is 12v mostly.
the capacitors can vary, but suggested is 10000 uf caps, voltage would be dependent on your source voltage to charge those caps, I use 4x 10000uf, as that is all I have.
the relays are those cheap SRD-12VDC-SL-C of songle brand. I like to use similar single pole relays to avoid timing conflicts on DPDT's I could not find relays that have higher that 4 poles..
the transistors, any BJT would work, mine are 3055, either TIP3055, 2N3055, MJE3055.
for the oscillators, NE555 and CD4017. but you can use anything clock based...

For transformer, I usually customize, I have E I cores, Air, Ferrite..
but off the shelf transformers will do,

The goal with these experiments was to study electricity and its behavior.. in order to manipulate it and It's flow..

That isn't much of a parts list.. but I hope that helps.
as I can't recommend something that is not commonly available in your area.. you can just peak at the datasheets and compare..

the actual build isn't nice as the schematic hehe.. but It functions as what it was intended.

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