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if space is curved, then things are good,
if time is curved, then things are good,
but how does mixing the 2 of them together and seeing it as not separable help us at all ?
exclusively using the term spacetime seems to be just like using electromagnetism for all it encompasses,
just think, what if we only referred to a light bulb as converting electromagnetism into electromagnetism. although accurate, it does not help when we say the same description about a radio transmitter. seeing things that way does not let you tell an infrared heater from a light bulb, or a radio transmitter, or tell them apart from a mirror
I am just saying that we can do better than some nebulous thing (spacetime) that some theoretical guy came up with long ago. especially when what NASA calls the "impossible drive" is going to need a new viewpoint to show what is going on in reality
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