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This next run (Running now) is showing a promising improvement.

I am running 2 amps at 13.7v into the booster that feeds the inverter
and the booster charging the run batteries is pulling off 5 amps away
for the charge battery.

What is well known as shown by John Bedini is that internal
resistances in these cells drop significantly. This means less waste when
recharging or discharging.

Since these systems pump a lot of energy around in a loop charging
and discharging watt hour losses should be greatly reduced.
I have not converted the other 8 run batteries YET.

It would appear that the point count drop has slowed down but let us
see if that is true in these coming runs. We already have some baselines
and run figures using the splits with 2 boosters and all the same lights
will be used.
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