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Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Hi All,

OK, I've watched the videos, I've even read some info on the web, and briefly talked to a couple of SCIO practitioners, but I still haven't wrapped my head around EPFX (at least to my satisfaction).

Can someone please post (or direct me to a website that has information) about how EPFX works - in layman's terms - a.k.a. 'EPFX for Dummies' (or is there a thread here that I missed)?

Thanks in advance.


Good question. Not sure there is an answer.

I have had my EPFX machine for many years. When I first got it I spent over 100 hours in training.

I have used it almost everyday for years, and I am STILL learning new things about it.

I will try and give a brief answer. If it does not address the real question you are asking, please let me know and I will try again.

I also encourage other EPFX owners to give their explanation.

Ok, here goes!

Every part of our body has an ideal frequency range it should be operating within.

The EPFX gets biofeedback on over 10,000 different frequencies from our body.

If any of these frequencies are outside the optimal range, they are "flagged".

When there is a pattern of many "flagged" frequencies that are outside of the optimum range all to do with a particular area (serotinin levels for instance), then this is an indication of an area that should be addressed.

The way that different areas are addressed are by sending the optimum frequency to the body to encourage it to move from the "out of normal range" frequency to within the "normal range of frequency".

This is a basic explanation of how the EPFX works. There are many variations of this concept, but this is the foundation.

Let me know if this makes sense, or if I should give another go at explaining it.

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