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Media,,, Trump,,, suicide

The neocons and chosenites are so frantic to bring Trump down, that they will invent and print ANYTHING.
While Truth Puts On Its Shoes | The Weekly Standard
Roll call,
"Understand that the intelligence establishment—a major component of the Deep State—uses major media to shape public perception on an ongoing basis. Gunslinger Trump is upsetting that applecart, at a time when public trust in mainstream news is, all on its own, eroding"
" If Trump’s stance on the immigration issue is merely a con, it has certainly had a massive blowback effect against the new world order. For those who claim that top-down control of the planet is a given, with no exceptions, why didn’t the controllers make sure someone other than Trump was elected in 2016? "

Things just aren't working out too well for the deep State. POLL: Trump voters would support him even if he colluded with Russia - Business Insider

1,000s In Tel Aviv Call For Netanyahu Resignation
Israel Authorizes PM To Declare Wars

Things just get hotter and hotter for Bibi. Eventually, israel is going to get swept up and swept aside with the changing tide of history.
They are FURIOUSLY trying to block Trump from even speaking with Putin. They have lost Xi and Putin. Trump and CENTCOM are their last hope.
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