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Exclamation Please Protect Consumers

It was quite a surprise to find out that North Korea, Washington state and New York have something in common!

Early in 2017, Washington state's government passed a law requiring inspection of Cryptocoin exchanges private information for anyone in Washington with accounts with those companies. This is a huge privacy violation and is going too far. This article talks about this law:

After visiting a few websites inside and outside of the United States, some redirected to this site because my IP is from Washington state: Please Protect Consumers

The sites redirecting to this site refuse to do business in Washington state because they obviously don't want to violate this kind of privacy so they encourage people to speak out and call their Governor's office to complain.

So for anyone in Washington or New York, you can use a proxy for some, but they still need address verification - even some of the overseas ones.

BITTREX and KRAKEN are stateside exchanges that will do business in these two states, but of course they will have to open their books to audit demands by both states so up to you if you want to do business with them - as long as you know. I have accounts at both but have only traded on Bittrex.
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