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To understand it, first you must look at it from a position with no beliefs as a belief in one version or another will cloud your view.

The origin of a god, or gods, is much older than any of these religions and the concept is this.

God, or the gods came down to earth.

They made man in their own image be it literal or not.

Man was there to assist/work for god or gods.

Gods favourite/right hand man and others found man beautiful and interbred with them creating demigods. They also wanted to educate man.

God and his followers disagreed.

They were split and so half followed god and half followed the right hand man.

They had a war which resulted in mutual self destruction.

Some of the demigods helped man hunt down the god/gods while others fought against them.

Man also hunted down the demi gods.

Remember a demigod is the result of a god interbreeding with man.

The last demigod is reported to be Jesus but this is disputed.

In Christian terms

1) God = leader of those who came from the heavens
2) Devil/Lucifer/light bringer = Gods right hand man or favourite.
3) Angels = those from the heavens who followed god
4) Demons = Those from the heavens who followed gods favourite.
5) Demigods = The result of interbreeding between the demons and man
6) Holy grail = Bloodline of the demigods
7) Divine right to rule = belongs to the bloodline of the demi gods.
8) Royalty = Claim to be descended from god/gods ie demigods.
9) World rulers = Royalty and bankers see 8.
10) World leaders = priests and politicians who work for 9 (Not all priests/leaders are in on this, most are not)
11) Religion = The separation of the level of belief of the above (Also used as a means of control of the masses)

This is very over simplified, but the basis of the origins of the belief systems. That is not to say that all religious people believe this, the vast majority do not, but there are elements they are familiar with.

As all religions are based at least partially on the above and so it is absolute nonsense for religions to be opposed to each other. The division and arguments are the method of control of 8 and 9.

A huge proportion of Muslims are Semites, Most Jews are actually not but learn Yiddish or similar so they can make that claim. Being anti Semitic is not anti Jewish it is anti a group of languages, the term has been hijacked.

This post is likely to anger many people although that is not my intention. Im just trying to lay out the story behind it all, and it does not matter if you believe it or not. Those in control believe it and thats the problem.

I think Gnosticism is based on this and may be the ancient mystery religions. anyway it would be interesting to discuss this in light of your post. Lets not fight over it as that is what they want.
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