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I cut off the GMO potatoes and as many GMO products as possible. I drink
twice as much water but the key to getting yourselves regular again is
the oil. As we age our bodies do not secrete as many life giving substances
via glandular. The body slowly dries up so you must get more oils to block
the activity of acids. Having good acids in the body is great as long as
it is in perfect balance with the oils. As the bodies purification systems
break down we begin to age more rapidly.

In the absences of the proper amounts of oils, acids cause the collection
of toxins in the colon, thus pain during elimination. Alcohol is bad because
it can dry out your already teetering proportion of oils.

Also when I had my flare up of prostate enlargement the kids had GMO
produced beer and the only beer I ever drank was back in the 90's and
the beer was not yet modified. It is the hops in the GMO beer that can
cause severe chemical actions in the body. In my case a 200 X increase
of a chemical that caused the swelling in just a few hours.

If you are going to drink beer over 50 yrs make sure it is not American,
the German's still make the same beer as they always have. The German's
rejected the notion of using GMO's.

Outside of this you need to block several acids from causing you trouble
by the use of coconut raw. Do not use corn oil it is GMO, do not take
Soybean oil, it is GMO, do not use to much butter from hormone injected
cows. Replace half of your butter with peanut oil when you make popcorn
and watch how much better you feel and how much better it tastes.

As soon as you take a TBSP twice a day of good oils you will have
an avalanche like you would not believe. Trust me if you don't go right
you are full of it.

Let's face facts. Look are all the heavy set old men who can't tie their shoes.

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