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Originally Posted by nilrehob View Post
Too early to tell, I have a few more experiments to do first.
But it's encouraging

I know a couple of guys who have abandoned batteries all together
because of the shift away from any process you engage it with. They
use capacitors and capacitor grow material on them as Bedini would say
about battery plates. Some say the capacitor was conditioned.

Anyway according to these other guys capacitors are easier to engage
with respect to increasing surface area but not only that. The new area
that took time to transformer had a much lower resistance to an incoming
charge. This made it not only a small amount more efficient to add charge
to a plate but made it twice. Caps do not have to follow a "C" rate
like a battery, but batteries can show all of these same increases.

If you create the standing resonance a transient may appear and be
absorbed into your battery or reflect off the battery plates into the
circuit, i am not sure what it does. It adds energy to the system?
This effect is magic.

One guy claims he rings his cap like a bell and has 5 watt units out
of a tiny circuit. It is a continuous output of 5 watts or bigger if he

he uses 2 ultra fast recovery diodes in a row after the transistor in
all of his circuits.

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