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Originally Posted by nilrehob View Post
Power out is simply Vbat²/R where Vbat is the voltage across the battery and R is the dump-resistor.

Power in is Vbat*f*C*(Vcap-Vbat) where f is the AC frequency, 50Hz where I am, and Vcap is the voltage across the cap just before the dump to the battery and C is the capacitance of the cap. C*(Vcap-Vbat) is the charge Q being dumped from the cap as in Q = C*V and so f*Q is the total charge during a second which in turn is the average current. Work done is Vbat*Q which for one second is the same as the avg power.

Does it make sense or am I making a mistake somewhere?

Just the right frequency to the plates, some call it radiant, others say
growing finer material on plates TOO!! I think all of that is true. There
can be some sort of strange happening if the correct tuning is hit
but the chemical process keeps moving over and so you need to
follow it, whatever it is.

Your thoughts?
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