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Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
Richards there was a reason for the choice. there is an X factor involved as soon as the bifilar coil comes into play an x factor I am loath to try and explain still as I've invited Luc to use it I'd best try to find an explanation so with thanks to 'NRGF from the vacuum' for concept I offer this -
Seeing and hearing two completely different types of sparks made by the same spark gap is pretty damn cool especially when one of those sparks is formed out in the room and pulled inwards to the gap. ergo concider this “These two reactions are called exothermic and endothermic. Exothermic means energy is radiated outward. Which usually generates heat or heating. Endothermic means energy is radiated inward which usually generates cold or cooling (which is what I saw) … When the voltage is raised high enough in this circuit It can cause frost to form on each end of the spark gap.” which is across the capacitor (or in our case battery)
that promise might induce you to examine this simple “free energy” circuit I show a little more closely.

L = 800 turns bifilar coil around a ferrite core, about 30 ohms
C= 30μF, 4000VDC

In the above example both switches are closed and opened simultaneously. During the charge phase the circuit would charge the inductor generating a magnetic field inside the ferrite core.

When the switches are released the cold electricity would theoretically be appearing across the capacitor. In practice 170 volt arc's can be expected

How does a voltage appear across C when there is no closed current loop? ....

I replied here as this is a little bit off that topic... have you built that circuit?.. It is quite odd.. why put the inductor at the ground side.. please do not try to erase the component's when you are showing your' perceived current flow It is not always the case...

At the moment the circuit opens, the spark should be seen at switch 1..

The way I see it, is the next cycle was a short circuit of C1 SW1 and SW2.. is that Intentional?....
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