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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Ditto to that, Rick should be in jail - he is a straight up criminal that stole virtually everything he knows or has from John and he still doesn't understand any of it very well. He is a sociopathic con artist. He waits until John and Gary die to start a slander campaign against them. He is a gutless coward.
I think the only thing he understood was how to steal in some one else's name. I have been contact to set up machines sold by rick, like the ten coiler that people paid big money for and they never showed up, cause that piece crap kept the money. He didn't send the kits out because he owed money to the machinist that made the kits. I can't remember machinist name. Anyway it was bumber to see it happen over and over again. Now to see him act like he's some kinda expert, and worse yet these dumb ass people who look to him as some kinda expert guru or some crap. Sociopathic con artist is the best description I know for that guy. Anybody who pays attention to that peice of garbage deserves what they get. Probably nothing!

I hate to hear that about Bearden.

ADD BROMIKEY TO YOUR IGNORE LIST He is a saboteur bent on the systematic distraction of every good topic on this forum and since he has been here most working threads have shut down. He is the enemy. If you have blocked him already add this to your signature and encourage others to block him as well. His onslaught of rambling in large text and his constant attempts to misinform at the excuse of being stupid should no longer be tolerated.

USER CP/Ignore list.

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