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Hi Jim - Mmmm audio that would be me ! I kinda stuck it on the back burner . (cos its hard) Most of the tape has been transcribed elsewhere I'm glad to say . I cut the audio into 5 bite sized sections and have been slowly trying to clean them up . here's the introduction , part one and two . I suspect John was wearing a battery transmitting pack with batteries that were fast failing. should have conditioned the bloody things
Just an aside and into EL and the PMH for a moment - according to magnetic current and so in practice it should be made from very soft iron and certainly not steel . soft iron because it has a very high magnetic permeability and so an extremely steep B/H curve . Its only just bettered by classic materials such as Stalloy. The point being there is no residual magnetism . (or at least only a very tiny amount) residual magnetism in my experience (and certainly meaning no insult) is the straw folks clutch at who haven't studied the man and his book . The same effect in a different way can be seen here
It is used to effect by others (like Hatem for instance). as for the audio with apologies for being tardy Jim here at least are the first bits . bearing in mind I can't make a silk purse from a sows ear's first part.mp3's second part.mp3
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