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Originally Posted by Satyam108 View Post
By all means, don't waste any more of your time with us NeoResearchers

The 4,260 posts of that thread should keep us all busy neither building nor posting, and/or have us wander off dazed, confused and discouraged. And as you stated:

I have never seen one not run down sooner or later.

so what's the point?

On GoToLuc's "Continuing Tests" thread here:
He linked the SSR he was using to pulse an off the shelf Razor Scooter motor [Unite Motors out of China] here:
SSR30A Solid-State Relay ? Tesla Energy Solutions LLC
with these specs

30 amps
6 ns Switching Speed
0 to 2 MHz input frequency
25 ns minimum pulse width
Power and signal inputs isolated from sources.
Easy replacement of IGBTs (NO Resoldering Necessary!)
You state that "best results come at 700-900 Hz." So it looks like that would handle it.

Assuming the mantle of spokesperson for the NeoResearchers and paraphrasing The Clash, "Should we stay or should we go?" Should we read or should we build? If the latter WHAT would you have us build? A 4 battery Tesla Switch that will inevitably exhaust the batteries? [Kill them as Rick Friedrich claims.] What do you want Matt? What would make you happy?

LOL indeed!
I am sure you can afford 10 of those to run a setup. The last one I built with high speed switching ran a few days past 9 months without any input running a 500 watt load.
There are several people building different setups and I hope to be able to support them with information they need to progress. But they are actually building, and trying to learn on there own. Talk is cheap. Like I said there is already a bunch of info out there. Take it or leave it.
You can pay attention to anyone you want including the thief, liar and hypocrite Rick what ever the F*ck his last name is my batteries still work.

Do what ever you want. I'll continue to help the ones that help themselves.

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