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Shirley, You Can't Be Serious

Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post
This all so funny. Go back and read "Use for the Tesla Switch"

Its huge and so many people contributed to it. There is a plethora of information and results. To watch a new group of people hash these things over is just hilarious. Course most of you are the new kinda researchers back then we actually built the thing before talking about it. Or built it while talking about it. LOL

There is no magic to it, it called math. By switching back and forth rapidly you build up a capacitive load on the plates of the battery and that load can then resonate. The largest problem being is the plates change so the value of the capacitance changes with them. This is not measurable and you have to be able to adjust on the fly to maintain a resonant state. Think Variable RLC resonants. Its hard but not impossible. But first you should be aware and able to create a simple resonant circuit, then be able to do that with a variable power supply like a battery, that changes voltage constantly, then you can start looking at this behavior from 4 batteries switching. Best results come at 700 - 900 hz.

But if you don't have the foundation correct your only going to see 4 batteries drop in power as if they were all wired up in parallel. And even if you manage to not burn up the system.

Diode protected mosfets will not get you there. IGBT's with no bypass diode exsit but are hard to find at a reasonable price. SSR's exist but rarely go faster than 500 hz.

I have had several run for many days without denting the initial voltage levels of the battery. I have never seen one not run down sooner or later.

I don't know why I waist my time ya'll won't build anything, your the new kinda researchers. LOL

By all means, don't waste any more of your time with us NeoResearchers

The 4,260 posts of that thread should keep us all busy neither building nor posting, and/or have us wander off dazed, confused and discouraged. And as you stated:

I have never seen one not run down sooner or later.

so what's the point?

On GoToLuc's "Continuing Tests" thread here:
He linked the SSR he was using to pulse an off the shelf Razor Scooter motor [Unite Motors out of China] here:
SSR30A Solid-State Relay ? Tesla Energy Solutions LLC
with these specs

30 amps
6 ns Switching Speed
0 to 2 MHz input frequency
25 ns minimum pulse width
Power and signal inputs isolated from sources.
Easy replacement of IGBTs (NO Resoldering Necessary!)
You state that "best results come at 700-900 Hz." So it looks like that would handle it.

Assuming the mantle of spokesperson for the NeoResearchers and paraphrasing The Clash, "Should we stay or should we go?" Should we read or should we build? If the latter WHAT would you have us build? A 4 battery Tesla Switch that will inevitably exhaust the batteries? [Kill them as Rick Friedrich claims.] What do you want Matt? What would make you happy?

LOL indeed!
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