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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
So anyway, running banks of LEDs on those batteries were appropriate loads. The 18500 type battery is 600mAh. I'm not sure if the ratings for those are based on a 20 hour discharge but if so, then the 20 hour load is around 2 watts.
Hello Aaron. Yes, I was speaking in general when I mentioned about using LEDs as loads. If you connect together a whole bank of LEDs or use a big commercial LED 'bulb' it may be a suitable load depending on the AH ratings for the batteries you are using. However, a typical single LED might only consume a few mW to glow very brightly was what I was referring to, so just a few LEDs is not much of a load. Some of the 12V LED 'bulbs' you can get these days can consume several Watts. If you are going to use big high capacity lead-acid car batteries or similar, then you are probably going to want a more significant load to test with.


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