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Originally Posted by Satyam108 View Post
WOW, Level, thanks for the photos! XLNT! Just today I received a copy of the original circuit from Toby Grotz - who organized and co-chaired the 1984 Tesla Centennial Celebration. I will post that later.
Here's the link you wanted:
Yes, that is the original schematic alright. There is at least one error in that original schematic, possibly more than one error. John Bedini later corrected the errors. The switching controller chip is labelled wrong. It should have been labelled SG3524. That same schematic is also in the PDF called "Experiments With a Kromrey & a Bandt-Tesla Converter Built By John Bedini" by Eike Mueller.

Thanks very much for the link!. Yes, some conflicting info on the history of the Tesla Switch.

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