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the high speed switching diode

Originally Posted by wantomake View Post
Where does Dr. Lindemann talk or show the high speed "flyback" switching diode ? I'm looking at digikey and mouser but don't know which one.

Hey Wanto,
Dr. Lindemann showed this in his 3BSTP version in his last presentation in 2016 before retirement. See attached. It's from the Beyond SG Advanced video/PDF.

He discusses it here:

I think this fills the bill as he laid it out in that post:

I used a smaller axial lead one in my LiMn 3BSTP version. In the automated big battery version I'm putting together now, I plan to put the above one in the negative rail with a high current SPST switch shunting it so I can manually switch it in and out of the circuit.

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