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Cold Electricity Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Originally Posted by jettis View Post
Ionic Line Amps . . . able to run speakers at high volume and current draw on 30AWG wire and the wires never got hot. John also talks about the construction materials and how they are made.

the audio talks about the Kromrey converter and the machine's ability to magnetically pull itself around faster while increasing generator load. John also talks about magnetically charging and releasing iron this causes a type of AC waveform that can be collected via a coil like PMH, this arrangement can defy Lenz law if the coil windings are not cut by the magnetic field of the magnet.
Dave Wing
Sorry Dave,
Found a cheap copy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off in a WalMart bin and had to have it. What a great movie. When I wrote "anyone?' in the Title line, it triggered off Ben Stein's teacher character in the movie. His comments in the Extras/Special Features are pretty funny.

But I digress...

The Longitudinal Electricity [some say scalar] has those attributes as I understand it from MANY different reported researches, of being cold or cool, ice forming as Duncan has reported, being carried by tiny wires, non-shocking, can be immersed in water, and of anti-gravity - measurably reducing the weight of objects, so yeah, we're on the trail of some very cool and world changing stuff.

My personal quest in all of this [becoming filthy rich and not being "suicided," poisoned or otherwise ruined - are secondary] is to help restore The Lost Science of Aether and reestablish Natural Philosophy to preeminence over Einschteinian Fizzix that hijacked it.

I think both Leedkalnin and what John learned from Kromrey replication informed much of his Zero Force Motor.


PS FWIW, after much trial and error trying to post this reply, I discovered that the thing that was kicking me to the forum "white/blank page of death" was trying to use parentheses where I have used brackets above. Go figger.
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