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Originally Posted by level View Post
Hello Jim. Do you have an exact link to where Peter Lindemann is quoted as saying that? I have the John Bedini DVD video set on his Tesla Switch, and in the video John said that after the 1984 Tesla conference an engineer followed John and Eike back to Bedini's shop, and John allowed him to come in and inspect his Tesla Switch circuit. John said he went away to talk to someone for a minute and when he came back the guy had cut up some wires in his Tesla Switch circuit. John didn't fix the circuit. The impression I got from what John said is that this was very shortly after the 1984 Tesla conference.
It doesn't look like the guy cut up that many wires, but we can see that the guy did completely cut out one of the transformers.

Edit: John showed Ron Brandt's original letter to Bedini in which Ron Brandt mentioned a newspaper article in the Kansis City Journal Post. From what I could gather, apparently this was a (apparently old) newspaper story possibly relating to a Tesla Switch type arrangement, and possibly that is where Ron Brandt got the original info on the Tesla Switch idea. This is based on what I can gather from what John briefly mentions in the video. Ron Brandt apparently contacted John because he wanted John to design the transistor switching for him for the Tesla Switch. This all doesn't seem to jive well however because John also said that Ron Brandt already had an electric car that was powered using batteries and a big Tesla Switch circuit using big hockey puck sized military type transistors, in which one or more of these big germanium transistors had apparently vaporized. If Ron Brandt already knew how to make a big Tesla Switch circuit to power his electric car, then why did he need to go to John Bedini to get John to design the transistor switching circuitry? The info on the history of this device is a bit confused it seems... I wonder where Ron Brandt got the electric car then that was powered with the big Tesla Switch type device? As with much of this free energy stuff, there is often conflicting or confusing info out there. Wikipedia states: "The Kansas City Journal-Post was a newspaper in Kansas City, Missouri from 1854 to 1942 which was the oldest newspaper in the city when it folded", so it must have been an old newspaper article that Ron Brandt was referring to in his letter to John Bedini.

Here are some some pictures of John's 1984 Tesla Switch box.

WOW, Level, thanks for the photos! XLNT! Just today I received a copy of the original circuit from Toby Grotz - who organized and co-chaired the 1984 Tesla Centennial Celebration. I will post that later.

Here's the link you wanted:

Much as I like Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe character and a good detective/mystery, I don't think we will ever straighten out who said and did what and when; to and for and with whom. . . .But it's cool that a seemingly pretty factual version is emerging. I guess one could use the enclosure Bedini is holding up to store cigars. An officianado would be repulsed - no doubt. For me it's take what you can learn from it and move on.

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