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Avoiding the battle to the death for israel

The battlefield scene has gradually changed reflecting changes in technology. Big infantry battles are a thing of the past. Tanks are slowly becoming obsolete. Now that pilot-less aircraft are real, human pilots will leave the cockpit. Humans can't operate well at more than 6Gs. The biggest change is in the missiles. As they get faster and more maneuverable, they become impossible to dodge. Reportedly, China has a hypersonic missile that can reach U.S. in 14 minutes. Battlefield robots are not far off. Cyber war is blossoming.
Mutually assured destruction is even more real. We are already in global cooling. We don't need a "nuclear winter" to make things worse. The fallout from all this is; more and more people in power realise that war just doesn't bring advantages like before.
This hasn't deterred israel from trying to fragment all their neighbors. They are chomping at the bit to drag America into a war with Iran and Hezbollah and Syria. ANY fool can see that israel would not have "one stone upon another" after the first 3 days. Here is the scenario as laid by Steele.
Robert Steele: War in the Middle East [in February 2018]… A strategic survey of possibilities, winners, losers… – Public Intelligence Blog

America reached "peak, cheap oil. That affects everything because we depend on importing 4.1 mpd to keep things going. Any kind of war anywhere near the Straights of Hormuz. would guarantee a Western energy collapse and a simultaneous financial collapse. Pox Americana would/will never escape the downhill slide from this.

The U.S.S.R. completely collapsed and agreed to go quietly if the West did NOT expand the NATO hegemon. We lied and, are in the process of surrounding Russia's 11 time zones of natural resources. Russia can fight the Khazarian mafia in Europe OR, it can fight them in Russia.
America is not threatened. Russia is threatened.
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