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Needed that

That's what I needed to hear.

I'm happy the fast switching isn't needed to see results in this set up. I was just using my setup to power the battery bank enough to use a drill press and jig saw to make a display mount for the battery voltages. When done just turned off the motor and the system kept the lights on. I'm happy with that. Off grid shop and free usable energy for my needs.

I bought the "Poor Man's Split the Positive Battery Swapper System" package a few weeks ago and will use that. From the picture of J. Bedini cigar box it looks like controls on the front of it(?). So he may have built it that size to keep with him to tune it as the battery conditions changed. Just guessing of course.

Of course do need to re-do my prime mover motor again to lower the amp draw and heating. But it has very high rpm and output through the generator is good.

Thanks Matthew you've helped me again,

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