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Originally Posted by level View Post
Hello jettis. The Tesla Switch doesn't rotate batteries. It switches the four batteries in combinations of two, back and forth continuously. One set of two batteries is configured in series and the other two batteries are configured in parallel. Then the Tesla Switch switches and does the opposite. The two batteries on each side are alternating between being configured in series and in parallel. When they are in series they are providing power, and when they are in parallel they are being charged. So the Tesla Switch shuttles charge from side to side, back and forth, continuously. John was switching at a fairly low frequency.

Yes I am aware and agree with what you have said... My point is the 3BGS, which is splitting the positive as John's diagram shows, battery rotation is to be a part of the gain. Would it make sense to include this in John's cigar box? John did not always tell all things.

Dave Wing
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