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Blinded by hatred and dancing with the devil

11/16 Saudi walks back escalation as dramatic moves backfire – AP Stupid people make stupid moves. Then, they try to undo their stupidity.
Bahrain Security Forces Foil Attacks On Three Oil Pipelines Get used to them.
WW 3 - China Orders US To STOP Military Exercises Off NK

"If destabilizing Lebanon through indirect means doesn’t work out, Saudi Arabia evidently has plans to use the Israeli military to do its work for them, as Middle East Eye explained:

“Saudi Arabia will only be able to destabilize Lebanon if it works with Israel, the only country with the military capabilities to threaten Lebanon’s fragile peace. Will Mohammed bin Salman go as far as striking a deal with Israel in which he offers full normalisation in return for Israel destroying Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon?”
"There’s a reason Saudi Arabia and Israel – two ideologically opposed nightmares – have begun bonding publicly since Trump’s election victory. There’s also a reason why not so long ago, Israel held its largest military drill in twenty years. It simulated a full-on invasion of Lebanon with the specific intention of going after Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shia proxy militia. In fact, Israel has been planning for a major war for some time now,"
"One should bear in mind that Lebanon was one of the seven countries listed in four-star General Wesley’s Clark’s exposed memo of nations the U.S. intended to topple following 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001"
"Given Hezbollah’s battle-hardened resolve in the Syrian conflict, its surge in membership, its growing alliance with Russia and Iran, and its newly acquired stash of weaponry, one can only hope Saudi Arabia and Israel are fully prepared not only for a Syrian War 2.0 but also for the regional explosion that could ignite if these wars in the Middle East are not significantly de-escalated and scaled back "
The Truth About Why Saudi Arabia and Israel Are Really Working Together

OK, Salman (MBS) has aligned himself with israel. That, by itself would anger a LOT of islamic conservatives. Salman plans/hopes to destroy another arab State after trying to destroy Bahrain and Yemen. What else could he do to REALLY piss off a lot of arabs?
Minister calls for third Temple to be built | The Times of Israel
Last year, Jewish Home MK Zevulun Orlev also called for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, saying that removing the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque ...

So, in his Sunni-Shia hatred, he has aligned with a State (sort-of) that wants to remove the second holiest shrine in islam.

So, MbS takes on Iran and Lebanon. The ENTIRE Saudi oil infrastructure including Kharg island goes up in smoke. Everybody in Lebanon grabs an RPG and walks a few miles to israel. The Suez Canal was closed 5 times, recently for EIGHT years. What happens if the Straights of Hormuz gets closed?
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