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a) According to Newton, absolute time and space respectively are independent
aspects of objective reality

b) In Einstein's theories, the ideas of absolute time and space were superseded by
the notion of absolute spacetime in special relativity, and curved absolute spacetime
in general relativity

c) SRT is theory without gravity but with an absolute spacetime.
It means, we need to take Newton's absolute time and Newton's absolute space
simultaneously together in order to have Einstein's spacetime.
Newton's absolute time + Newton's absolute space = Einstein's spacetime.

d) And this absolute spacetime can be curved by masses ( for example:
by Sun masses ) in some local region of absolute Einstein's spacetime.

e) According to GRT the curvature depends on masses and its speed.
And because masses (of stars and planets) are different so every local
region has its own gravity-space and gravity. For example: Earth
has its own gravity-space and gravity-time, and Venus or Mars has
another gravity-space and gravity-time. But for humans on the Earth
their Earth's gravity-space and Earth's gravity-time seems absolute.

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