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Gravity in the Electric Universe
Where does gravity fit in the electric universe?
Contrary to a fairly common misperception, the electric universe does not deny
gravity’s existence, nor its role in the cosmos and our own world.
Rather, the electric universe theory, as proposed by physicist Wal Thornhill,
suggests that the fundamental mysteries of gravity may be explained
by the electrical structure of matter.

My opinion.
Zero Vacuum (T=0K) is itself some kind of an Infinity Energy continuum ( universe).
Where does gravity fit in the infinity T=0K electric-energy universe?

a) according to quantum theory the Zero Vacuum (T=0K) being energy continuum
can create only potential - virtual negative energy particles: -E=Mc^2.
b) these potential - virtual negative energy particles: -E=Mc^2 somehow
can transformed themselves into real energetic particles: E=h*f
c) these real energetic particles somehow can create local gravity - solar system.

Gravity is indivisible from the electromagnetic force.
To create local gravity - solar system is needed EM force.
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