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I am quite incapable of communicating with you at the same levels you've previously posed, and in many other ways, but I would agree that the picture I've managed to cobble together says that we do not have all the parts to the puzzle, and that the puzzle we have now has parts which work for themselves.

This is like saying a story told by a suspect works so long as you don't look at anything else: Just imagine the audacity of a criminal inventing a story to escape suspicion; who'd have thunk it? So it appears there's a lot of suspect understandings which claim to explain the whole elephant the same way any suspect might themselves construct a plausible explanation. Now what kind of imbecile gulps down a story told by a suspect without question?

Is the Universe infinite, flat, and created out of nothingness, but which is some-thing? Consciousness comes out of nothingness and goes into a physical form. There has to be mass given to create the form. In any part of our reality mass seems to be a key part that defines our reality and (near as I can tell) mass springs forth from nothingness the same as consciousness itself does.

So forgetting about consciousness, where does matter get mass from? When matter loses all mass it disappears from our reality.
* PS: For all practical purposes what then is mass because it doesn't appear except in matter and when in this reality. It appears to me that it comes out of this nothingness you've postulated. I'm not saying the nothingness is mass but it seems to contain the ability to assign mass to this reality and to take it back out of this reality when it's through with it. If you're following, the idea then is that nothingness creates the reality; a key part of the creation appears to be the assignment of mass to our plane of reality without which matter evidently doesn't exist.
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