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I actually have touched an elephant once. Whilst at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle in the kids sections, or whatever they call it, and so anyways this baby elephant had gotten spooked by ten thousand screaming brats whom evidently began chasing it.

True story BTW, and so I'm standing there when out of nowhere, like a small locomotive, this baby elephant runs right up next to me and comes to a screeching halt sticking it's trunk out, like help me you fool! So I tried to calm it by stroking it's ...ah hide...which is about the the closest thing to flexible steel that I can describe.

Anyone else ever get to touch an elephant? If you have then you know what I'm talking about. There's just nothing with which to compare it to really.
How about an electron? Seems like electrons are sort of like seeing elephants, seeing an elephant and touching an elephants are completely different experiences: Ever so similar in a kooky kind of way. Maybe I shouldn't have started this elephant thingy?
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