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This reminds me of the six blind men whom are asked to describe an elephant.

Scientists don't really grock what science actually is about, and so we now have six brilliant but blind men wandering round a giant elephant and quite bamboozled by the whole: Truth is found by destructive testing and that's what applied law is in a nutshell. That's what every prosecutor and detective must deal with. They know that they must prove beyond reason, to their peers, that their hypothesis is the right hypothesis because it is the most rational when attacked, or cannot otherwise be destroyed by contradictions, and as judged by other normal humans in a fair and open court.

Science has done exactly what the legislatures have been doing to remove judgement by your peers from the judicial system. That's what determinate sentencing laws are about, and that's what the " Scientific Star Chambers" of supposed scientific review are also about: Recognize them for the evils that they are. History should teach us that much.

Ideas supported by mathematical proofs, even when those proofs fill black boards dating back to the 1930's, do not constitute evidence of reality, and therefore the truth. Almost assuredly these equations do cross over into truth as they would in any complex case in law would likely also involve half-truths.

We now know that the the idea of quantum mechanics are in error. That the double slit experiment, once a riddle, is now understood and that this solution shows that the foundations of quantum mechanics are probably not right. This isn't a minor issue, it's split below the waterline, and like the Titanic it's probably a fatal injury.

The Double Slit Experiment Re-Explained (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Nov 09 2017].
Finally, Feynman once described the double-slit experiment, stating that, “we choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which is in the heart of quantum mechanics” [60], but as seen some great historical lessons could be draw from this experience that, the collection of lots of data without being able to find any basic underlying principles is not science [27], closure of any scientific debate on alleged accomplishment is not scientific in nature, and science is an open field, in which an exploration by an individual could benefit and progress humankind.


We know that there isn't any dark matter filling the void of space. We know that this idea is a shoddy makeshift explanation for why galaxies rotate as wheels with their stars and planets attached to their cores as though spokes to a wheel. We know it's not even remotely logical to any sensibly minded and rational being when exposed for the reason behind the creation of the idea of dark matter, and when exposed to daylight with otherwise more rational ideas about how and why stars rotate around the galactic core, then the whole idea of dark matter shows itself to be what it honestly is: A darkly constructed lie.

Ultimately, what we are looking at is manifestly a criminally inspired plan to deceive and obfuscate truth in scientific knowledge which cannot have accidentally occurred all by itself. It is not in the interests of the rulers that their system of rule be overthrown, and clearly they do have control over what is taught as science and what is not taught as science, what is marketed and officially approved by them, and which is to be subverted, destroyed, and hidden away.

Quantum is a meme.
"When you want to overthrow a society what you do is hijack and redefine key words"
John Taylor Gatto

Words exist to define and form foundations upon which our basic understandings exist. Destroy or change that and you destroy or change the foundations upon which everything else stands. Quantum is the retardation of meaning and definition. A thousand times I've read someone mindlessly toss this word out instead of the defining word which should have been used.

Quantum is a word which has as much meaning as saying rock for anything which is made from stones. It's about that helpful and that's just not something that happens accidentally because it goes against the very nature of science itself as a reductionist philosophy. This is proof of meddling. Any linguist worth 50 cents will understand this and understand the impact that altering key words can have upon a society. The word Quantum is now a catch all which ends up describing nothing since it proclaims to describe everything. Thus, quantum as word is spreading out as a kind of meaningless scientific sloth which has reduced everything to nothingness; essentially meaningless gibberish since whatever and wherever the term is used could then be read just about anyway any individual happens to think about it. That's not exactly precision now is it?

"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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