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Analysis of Tesla's Special Generator via Martin, Newman & Lyne

Thomas Martin attended a lecture and demonstration in 1893 in which Tesla presents his Special Generator. This is the same device described in chapter 8 of William Lyne's book, Pentagon Aliens. Lyne cites Martin. Archive dot org has a few copies of Martin's book. The last chapter, ch. 63, in a journalistic style, describes Mr. Martin's impressions of that demonstration along with a few diagrams. But information is missing, particularly a more detailed and accurate piston dynamics graphic as well as a wiring diagram. So, in these videos, I propose to answer those two questions using the reed within wind instruments to exemplify the action of the piston. Then, I use a couple pages out of Joseph Newman's Energy Machine (~600 pages book), edition eight, to speculate on Tesla's wiring diagram. PDFs and animated GIFs are included.

The Inventions, Researches And Writings Of Nikola Tesla, Transcription and Commentary of Chapter LXIII - The Tesla Mechanical and Electrical Oscillators : Thomas Commerford Martin : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman, 8th Edition - Selected Excerpts : Joseph Newman,Thomas Commerford Martin,Vinyasi : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman, Chapter Four : Joseph Newman : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Lines of Force - YouTube

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