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IMO the sharp unidirectional pulses are the key to disturb the Aether - rattle the key in the lock to get it to turn.
That's been the rumor for well over a decade, now we need factual test data to prove it to be so.

Originally Posted by Satyam108 View Post
I didn't find anywhere on their webpages to purchase any of their products nor any mention of the SSR-30A. Know another source?
That's probably because that site was put together by the designer of the circuits, Jason Owens:
Jason is a well known and respected research that was paid to design a beefier version, now SSR-30A inspired by his original SSR-3 design by the man who provides me the free use of his Lab space. So he actually owns the rights to assembled and sell these circuits which is built at one of his companies and sold on his website: Products ? Tesla Energy Solutions LLC
He (my lab space provider) thought a circuit of this kind would greatly help the free energy research community when he himself wanted to experiment with the 4 battery Tesla switch but couldn't build a reliable solid state relay and why he hired Jason to design them an other multiple programmable circuit controllers to do high current battery switching and monitoring.
His electronic knowledge was limited and wanted a kind of plug and play switch to be available to others like himself who don't have enough electronic knowledge to build such a great isolated switch and programmable multiple switch controllers.
Anyways, it never really took off as he doesn't participate in the forums since he's busy taking care of more important business affairs. This was just a hobby to him.
At this time there's no fully built stock left since there's been no orders placed for over a year. He has the circuit board but I don't think he would populate (components) for just a one off order. However, he may consider if you can get others to buy at the same time like 4 or more of them.
Let me know

Originally Posted by Satyam108 View Post
Thanks for running the A1 battery runtime test and posting video - and for the HD quality on all the videos in this series. And for turning on auto captions. VERY helpful.
Thanks for your appreciation.

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YES! It IS interesting - especially when you consider that with the 3BSTP, not only was the motor run for a total of 83.5 hours, ALL 3 batteries were CHARGED several times.
Yes, that is interesting considering the battery recharge losses on top of that.



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